Serious about fun

Founded in 2004, the Quota Sales Training System is a fun, interactive & competitive experience that teaches sales people about business-to-business, business-to-consumer sales cycles and management competencies. Your sales team will develop critical sales skills and knowledge while participating in the training and have fun. Quota International uses gamification, a proven highly effective teaching methodology, yet not widely used partly because developing engaging training in a game format is challenging and traditional training methods are easy.

Quota also has a streamlined, affordable sales CRM software called QuotaCRM. Designed by and for salespeople, it is an uncomplicated tool to manage customer information, activities and opportunities. Plus, QuotaCRM provides management with valuable insights and analytics about the business. It is a tool that sales professionals, managers, executives and owners will find indispensable to achieving their operational objectives.


Why We Do It

Here To Help
To help sales people excel in their profession, without having to learn through years of trial and error.
Change The Perception
To change the negative stereotypes related to the sales profession for people in the industry and customers.
We Know The Challenges
We make a difference in addressing the sales and life skills challenges faced by everyone.
Have Fun & Excel!
So sales people learn, have fun, do it best now, and produce more for themselves & their companies.

What Do We Believe


It's For Everyone
Sales skills and life skills and are needed by everyone; yet they are underrated, under taught & often undervalued/appreciated.
Happy Customers
Customers will experience better buying experiences when dealing with a skilled sales professional compared to those who just sell.

Better Results
Salespeople deserve better L&D experiences leading to better customer service & organizational results.
Actual Learning
Learning sales using games can help enhance and improve the productivity, effectiveness & retention of the learning.

Quota International Leadership Team

Earl RobertsonFounder & CEO
Martin AllisonDirector, United Kingdom
George AnastasopoulosDirector, Facilitators