Sales Self Leadership


Want to make the team, get to the Olympics and on the podium?

A powerful, inspiring and interactive learning experience. This program has been designed to transform top sales performers, sales managers and sales executives to champion status. Sales, self-development and leadership concepts are blended into the instructional design. Participants leave with a powerful action plan on how to become the best sales leader they can be! The concepts in this unique program will build self-awareness and equip participants to better engage themselves, their clients and their sales teams. Bottom line – Graduates of Quota® Sales Self Leadership™ deliver exceptional sales results!
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Would recommend the game to their colleagues
Had more fun than other training experiences
Felt the game provided better tools than other sales training programs
Felt the game met or exceeded their objectives
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The booking process and delivery were flawless, and the course content was fantastic! The first two stages we could probably do every couple of months. I was unsure how the full day course would go over, but the content and the format kept everyone engaged down to the final second.


Here's what you can expect

Improved self-awareness, self-regulation & self-management
Explores our personality, behaviour, emotions, strengths & values
In-depth understanding of leadership characteristics of successful & impactful leaders
Define how you can become the best leader you can be
Engaging, developing and empowering staff, peers & managers
How to leverage key relationship building behaviours
Learn to manoeuvre management & leadership style between macro & micro
Build a plan for leadership
Dealing with change more effectively – who you are & what you’ll do differently

Is your sales team smaller than 10?