Why lease a lamborghini, when you can own a corvette?

What Makes QuotaCRM unique? It was designed by sales professionals for sales professionals! As such, extensive research was done on why other CRM’s are so universally disliked by sales performers, the answer was they were too complicated to use. People don’t want to spend hours inputting data to their CRM when they could be out selling. Plus, organization’s don’t want to spend thousands of dollars customizing ‘dashboards’ and tools before their team ever uses the CRM. QuotaCRM takes less than two hours to customize to your sales environment and 24 hours to be up and running. Most importantly, it takes your sales team less than four minutes to enter client information and less than one minute to update!

It is a fully functioning sales software tracking program that provides essential analytics & insights into customers, sales representation and territory management. Perfect for the small or medium sized business who still uses spreadsheets, or manual processes to manage their sales team and opportunties. Step into the 21st century to take your business to the next level!

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Here's what you can expect

Sales and management alike to manage their client portfolios and forecast future business
The program uses unique and proprietary software that is simple to use, tracks multiple areas of sales performance and is easily customized to complement your own sales process and lexicon
Management reports are produced at the touch of a button
The software guides your sales team on what needs to be done to manage your clients through the sales process
4-Level reporting: CEO; Executive; Manager; Representative
Message centre for communication throughout the organization
Easy transitions between levels at Executive level
CEO report with all sales by region
Sales Manager report with all sales by team
No ongoing licensing fees, one investment and this tool is yours. Get a return on your investment in months!

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