Look deep into the crystal Q’ube for the answers

An essential training tool for Quota customers that want to reinforce the concepts and skills learned at the programs. Played at sales meetings, the game takes 10-15 minutes and uses 150 questions from the Quota game. The game provides sales management with a fun sales meeting activity that keeps Quota dynamic and utilized in sales encounters. Q’ube is a great addition to any sales meeting and organization intent on increasing sales and sales force development.
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Would recommend the game to their colleagues
Had more fun than other training experiences
Felt the game provided better tools than other sales training programs
Felt the game met or exceeded their objectives
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I have been able to implement the practices with the sales force across Canada and I believe it is a big reason why we are prospering during this recessionary time. We have been able to increase our sales by 30% YTD and we are currently the best performing division globally.

Frank Malta National Sales Manager, Handicare

Here's what you can expect

Team engagement, a culture of development
Fun sales meetings
Sales training, increasing results
Team building

Is your sales team smaller than 10?