Quota Time & Territory Management


What’s your R.O.T.I? (Hint: it’s not just a delicious food)

Is it ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’? We believe, we are all born with certain traits and personalities for sales success. However, success in any field of endeavor is predicated on mastering the basics of that field. Students experience a race to the finish completing a puzzle, which ties into mastering the puzzle of managing one’s time and territory.
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Would recommend the game to their colleagues
Had more fun than other training experiences
Felt the game provided better tools than other sales training programs
Felt the game met or exceeded their objectives
* Statistics shown are not course specific.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen sixty sales professionals so completely captivated and engaged in a sales training program, especially a full day program like yours. From a sales management and training perspective, the QuotaTM training has also given us a foundation to train and coach around.

Christopher M. DesRoches Vice President of Selection & Training Casella Waste Systems Inc.

Here's what you can expect

Building a value pyramid
Become efficient at partnership selling
Assessing R.O.I on your time
Effective goal-setting
Accurate forecasting
Market/industry analysis

Is your sales team smaller than 10?