Note from Quota International's Founder & CEO

As you all know, our world is facing a challenging adversary. We have faced other challenges in the past and I am confident we will ultimately prevail; however, we will each, in our own way, come face-to-face with personal adversity. The old saying by Friedrich Nietzsche comes to mind: ‘That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.  This is a phrase that has resonated with me throughout my life.

However, there is another quote that has guided me: True gold does not fear the refiner’s fire’. every day, I am seeing evidence of ’true gold’ by acts of kindness and generosity.  People getting supplies for the aged, landlords reducing rents, government accelerating help and the incredible courage of our health care, frontline service providers, aviation, grocery and pharmacy personnel. These heroes show that they are the ’true gold’ in our society today.

To our clients, we make the following promise. We will prevail and use this time to support your restoration to pre-COVID growth and success. We are humbled by how many of you have told us to keep deposits for later dates. Your trust in us has spurred an indefatigable will to live up to the belief you have demonstrated. Please reach out if there is anything we can do to ease burden each of us is now carrying.


Earl Robertson
Founder & CEO